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Welcome to the Preschool Home Page!

The Preschool children and staff continue to work on adjusting to daily routines due to merging the two classes together. It should take a few weeks for the children to adjust to the new classroom dynamic.

The field trip permission slip for the Fire Department is due back to school today. Our field trip to the Berwyn Fire Department will be on Monday, October 23rd. All parents that are Virtus trained and want to attend this walking field trip are welcome to come with us.

This week’s tip sheet is from the SafeKids.org and it is called: Fire Safety Tips. Please test your smoke detectors at home to make sure they have batteries and are in working order. A link to this sheet is below.  

Theme:  For the next few weeks we will skip our Frog Street curriculum. This week we will focus on Fire Prevention. See the information under Science and Social Studies for all the great activities we will be doing this week. After our Fire Prevention theme, we will spend the next two weeks learning about Pumpkins and Halloween.

Religion \ Social Emotional Development:  For Religion we will focus on making the sign of the cross and saying our classroom prayers. I recommend that you teach your child bedtime prayers. For social emotional development we will continue to talk about ways to be kind and helpful to our classmates. We will discuss personal space and keeping our hands to ourselves while at circle time and in line.

Language Arts / Letter of the Week:  We will read the following books this week: I Am Fire, Firefighters A to Z, Fire! Fuego! Brave Bomberos, and Clifford the Firehouse Dog. Our letter of the week is the letter Gg. The children will do a variety of phonics activities for the letter Gg. They will trace the letter on paper and make the letter with Play-Doh. They will identify items that begin with the letter Gg from their homework and make ghost hand prints to decorate our classroom because ghost starts with the letter Gg!

Math / Cognitive Development:  In Math this week, we will focus on identify and the numbers 1 to 5. The children will add spots to Dalmatian dogs based on the number shown on the dog’s fire helmet. The children will build giant fire truck floor puzzles. They will trace a rectangle and identify attributes of a rectangle: four corners and fours sides (two long sides and two short sides). They will learn the emergency number 9-1-1.

Science / Social Sudies:  For Science, the children will identify things that are hot and unsafe to touch. They will play an online game and move objects into two columns based on if they are “safe” or “not safe” to touch. For Social Studies, we will learn about fire safety. They will do a Scholastic News issue called Our Friendly Firefighters. We will learn our fire safety plan for preschool and listen to a real smoke alarm. The children will role play fire fighters in our dramatic play area. They will dress up with fire coats, hats, gloves, and use a hose to pretend to put out fires. The children will also play with a Little People Fire Station and do the motions to the songs Hurry, Hurry, Drive the Fire Truck and The Fire Truck Song (to the tune of Wheels on the Bus). After this week of learning about Fire Prevention we will be ready for our field trip to the Berwyn Fire Department next Monday, 10-23-17.

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