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Welcome to the Preschool Home Page!

Today a Berwyn Firefighter will visit our preschool classroom. The children will learn about fire safety and the job of a firefighter.

I am requesting that all parents send their child to school with a reusable water bottle. This helps us by not having to purchase paper cups for the children to have water throughout the day. Our parent tip sheet for this week is from the Illinois Early Learning Project and it is called Toys from Throwaways; Let’s Recycle. There is a link below.

Theme:  Our theme for the next two weeks is Caring for the Earth. We will be reading the following books: The Earth and I, BIG EARTH, Little Me, Why Should I Recycle?, We Use It Again and The Diary of a Worm.

Religion / Social Emotional Development:  For religion, we will identify the Earth as home to all God’s creatures. We will attend our all school mass on Wednesday with our 6th and 7th grade buddies. Thank you for participating in Operation Rice Bowl during Lent. If you did not send in your Rice Bowl you can still do so.

Language Arts / Letter of the Week:  Our letter of the week is Ww. The children will trace the letter Ww and make it with Play-Doh. They will watch a letter Ww phonics video and go to Starfall.com to learn about the letter Ww. They will show their homework to their classmates and tell them what they found that begins with Ww. We will also observe live worms in the classroom and learn a song called Herman the Worm.

Math / Cognitive Development:  For Math, the children that are going to kindergarten next year will be working on building their number concept skills for the numbers 13 and 14. The children will play an online game on abcya.com called Shape Construction.

Science / Social Sudies:  In Science, we will observe live worms with magnifying glasses. We will identify the ways a worm moves, how it feels, and where a worm lives. In Social Studies, we will have a firefighter come to our classroom to tell us about their job and fire safety. We look learn about recycling and play a game to sort items into two different recycling bins: Plastic and Paper. We will paint on old recycled CD’s for an all school Earth Day art project. We will use recycled cardboard to create ramps for matchbox cars.

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