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Welcome to the Preschool Home Page!

Please make sure that you are dressing your child for the colder weather. Hats and gloves are a must!

Upcoming Field Trip – Our field trip to Mac Neal Hospital for Cookies & Cocoa with Santa is this Wednesday, 12-13-17. We plan to walk over to Mac Neal but please note if the weather is bad, Mac Neal will send their shuttle bus to take us to and from the event. Thanks to all the parents who are volunteering to go on our field trip to Mac Neal Hospital for Cookies and Cocoa with Santa is this Wednesday, 12/13/17. All parents who volunteered can come on this field trip. Volunteers need to be in the preschool classroom by 9:40 am. Field trip permission slips were due last Friday. Please make sure you turned both forms in.

Our parent tip sheet for this week is called Discover Shapes in Many Places. A link to this sheet is below.

Theme:  Our theme for the next 2 weeks continues to be Christmas & Advent. This week we will read the following books: Pete the Cat Saves Christmas, This is the Stable, Silent Night, Santa Duck, and The Biggest Snowball Ever! The children will be practicing our songs for the Christmas program in school. The preschoolers will be singing two songs at the Christmas Program. They are Twinkle, Twinkle, Christmas Star and Jingle Bells. The words to these songs are in your child’s BEE book today. Please practice the songs with your child at home for the next week and a half. Also, we will be singing We Wish You a Merry Christmas with the whole school at the very end of the Christmas Program.

Words to Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Star and Jingle Bells

Religion \ Social Emotional Development:  This week is the 2nd week of Advent. For the second week of Advent we light a purple candle that represents “peace”. The children will participate in the all school Advent Wreath Lighting Ceremony on Monday. This week’s Mass is on Tuesday instead of Wednesday for the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Please make sure your child is on time for school this Tuesday (7:45am).

Language Arts / Letter of the Week:  This week we will be reviewing the letters Ii, Jj, Kk, and Ll. We will make the letters with Play-Doh and review the letter names and sounds. The children will identify the initial sounds of words while playing an online Christmas card stamping game from Scholastic News.

Math / Cognitive Development:  In math, we will play an online game and identify and click on shapes (square, rectangle, triangle, and circle) to build a train. We will build a long train floor puzzle with train cars for the numbers 1 through 20. We will sort transportation counters by color and type of vehicle.

Science / Social Sudies:  For Science we will continue to explore electricity with a circuit tester. We will see what types of materials complete the circuit to light the bulb (ex. brass, iron, plastic, wood, etc.) For Social Studies we will do an online Scholastic News issue called All Aboard for the Holidays. They will identify different modes of transportation that a person can take to see their relatives for the holidays. We will watch a video clip called Holiday Cheer.

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