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Welcome to the Preschool Home Page!

I can’t believe it is May already! We have only about 4 weeks left in this school year. This Tuesday, 5-2-17 the St. Leonard School Board and Parent Association will be having an Open House Meeting in the School Hall at 7pm. Learn about what is planned for next year and ways you can be involved in our school community.

Our Parent Tip Sheet for this week is from the Illinois State Board of Education and it is called Natural Illinois: Insects. There is a link below.

Theme:  This week our theme is “Bugs & Insects”. We will watch video clips about insects and read the books: The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar, Eddies Backyard Bugs, The Very Lonely Firefly, The Grouchy Ladybug, and World of Bugs. We will turn over rocks around the school to see what kind of bugs are living under them. We will look for pill bugs or rolly pollies and observe them with magnifying glasses. We will discuss the importance of insects as pollinators that give us fruit, and we will taste honey which comes from bees.

Religion \ Social Emotional Development:  We will identify that Mary is the Mother of Jesus. We will attend the May Crowning Mass on Wednesday morning with our buddies. We will discuss that Mary is called the Queen of Heaven. I will recite the Hail Mary prayer. We will identify insects as part of God’s creation.

Language Arts / Letter of the Week:  Our Letter of the Week this week is Xx. The children will identify items from their homework sheet that begin with the letter Xx. There are not that many of them. They will trace the letter Xx with markers and make the letter Xx with Wiki Sticks. They will identify items from our letter Xx container, watch a phonics Letter Xx video and use the Smart Board to play the games for the letter Xx on starfall.com.

Math / Cognitive Development:  In math, we will identify a variety of wooden 3-D shapes including a sphere, cube, cylinder, cone, and rectangular prism. We will explore 3-D shapes and determine which of them are able to roll. We will use the comparison words “more” and “less”. The children will compare the number of spots on ladybugs and circle the one that has more. The children will trace the numbers 1 to 6 and draw 6 legs on an insect. They will play the games Adding Ants, Cootie, and Ants in the Pants.

Science / Social Sudies:  Our butterflies have emerged from their chrysalis. We will set our six classroom butterflies free this week. The children will watch a video clip called Insects, Insects, Everywhere! We will learn all about insects and bugs! For Social Studies, we will watch a few clips from School House Rock: Earth. We will watch the videos The Little Things We Do and Tiny Urban Zoo. We will recall things that we can do to take care of the Earth. As a class we noticed that we were leaving our bathroom light on even when no one was using the bathroom. We will now be sure to turn off the light after using the bathroom to save electricity. We will identify that a person can have a job studying bugs and insects. A scientist who studies bugs and insects is called an entomologist.

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