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7th Grade


Welcome to Ms. William’s 7th Grade Page!

Homework should be noted in assignment notebooks each day. It will also be updated daily on this page so please check for homework each night. Assignments will be cleared from this site by the following Monday.

Power School will be updated on weekends so please review grades with your child at the beginning of each week and contact me if you feel there are any errors or concerns.

Google Classroom will be used for online access to special assignments.

Students can access their math book, reteaching tools, worksheets, videos and games here:                    Go Math! website:     https://my.hrw.com/  

Logins and passwords were given to students by Miss Williams to access resources.

6th grade: 
Monday 10/24:
  • Math: p.128 (Odds only) – ALL work need to be shown in notebook!
  • World History: no hw
Tuesday 10/25:
  • Math:  p. 128 (evens) Show ALL work in notebook!
  • World History: River Valley Civilizations Poster (due Thursday)
Wednesday 10/26:
  • Math:  p. 132 (#’s 1 &2) AND  p. 133 (#’s 1 &2)
  • World History: River Valley Civilizations Poster (due tomorrow)
Thursday 10/27:
  • Math:  p. 135 Ready To Go On?
  • World History: no hw (End of River Valley Civilizations Unit)
Friday 10/28:
  • Math:  no hw
  • World History: no hw (School Assembly)

7th grade:
  • Science: see Mrs. Ledvort’s page
  • Language Arts and Social Studies: see Mr.DeCaluwe’s page
Monday 10/24:
  • Religion: study for quiz
  • Math: pgs 118-120
  • Vocab: Unit 4 spreadsheet (This is not extra credit – everyone must do!) Late work accepted until Thursday 10/27, no later!
Tuesday 10/25:
  • Religion: no hw
  • Math: p. 122
Wednesday 10/26:
  • Religion: no hw (Mass)
  • Math:  no hw (Red Ribbon campaign slogans)
Thursday 10/27:
  • Religion: no hw (ACT Aspire testing)
  • Math:  Ratios, Proportions, and Unit Rates REVIEW worksheets
  • Vocab: no hw  (ACT Aspire testing)
Friday 10/28:
  • Religion: no hw (ACT Aspire testing)
  • Math:  Ratios, Proportions, and Unit Rates STUDY for test on Monday
  • Vocab: no hw (School Assembly)

 8th grade:
Monday 10/24:
  • Math: finish back of slope worksheet and pgs 171-176
  • Language Arts: no hw
Tuesday 10/25:
  • Math: Slope worksheet with graphs
  • Language Arts: no hw (no class today)
Wednesday 10/26:
  • Math: Graphing with tables
  • Language Arts: worksheet 38 “Principal Parts of Verbs”
Thursday 10/27:
  • Math: p. 182 & 184
  • Language Arts: worksheet 39 “Transitive and Intransitive Verbs”
Friday 10/28:
  • Math: p. 185
  • Language Arts: worksheet 40 “Troublesome Verbs”

  Go Math! website:     https://my.hrw.com/  
Logins and passwords were given to students by Ms. Williams to access resources.
You must set up your computer or pad to accept pop-ups from this site.


Khanacademy.org   Another must for all math students…students do need a facebook account  or g-mail to enter the practice pages on this site…u-tube videos show students how to do math procedures and then there is practice for every math concept…good for all aged students through college and content in all subject areas…check it out!
AAA math various topics to practice math
practice math facts here


juniorscholastic.com Please visit to reread Jr. Scholastic articles when needed.  Links to games, videos and more.  Students were given the password in class.
sadlier-oxford.com  Please use this site to practice vocabulary words…7th grade uses level B book