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Mrs. Ledvort

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!

Mrs. Ledvort’s Page – Grade 6 homeroom; Science and Math 6 – 8


 Check this page for homework updates. News for grade 6 students will also be posted here.  I am looking forward to an exciting year of exploring science!

I can be contacted at    pledvort@stleonardschool.org

Please use the following phone number to contact me and leave a message.  I will return your call as soon as possible.

School Office 708-749-3666

Reminders:  Each student is responsible for writing homework assignments in his/her assignment notebook every day in class when the assignment is given.  The website is a backup.  If the site is not updated, the assignment notebook is a record of the work the student is responsible for completing.  Be ready and responsible!

December 19***Please note that we have been asked to dress as angels and shepherds for the Christmas Program!!  Do not wait to ask your parents to help you find a costume on Wednesday!!  We discussed this last week!! Towels and robes are needed for shepherds. Solids blankets will also be fine. Angels can be dressed in nice holiday clothes, and wings will be provided. You may make a halo! Please support the teachers running the program by complying with this request!

Update 12/20 – Some boys were concerned that they do not have robes to bring to school.  Boys can wear a solid dark sweater and bring a towel for their heads, and that will be fine!

****************Science News Articles instructions for 2016 – 2017*****************  Here are the science news article instructions in a Word document.

All labs are formal grades, and a best effort is expected.  I would prefer labs to be typed.  If labs are hand-written, all lines should be made with a ruler, and all writing must be in ink.

 Thank you to everyone who checks the website.  

   Here are a few tips for success for the year:

  • Use your assignment notebook and write assignments as teachers give them.
  • Use your time wisely.  If your teacher gives you ten minutes in class to start homework, that is not a break.  The time should be used to start working and determine if you understand the assignment or if you have questions.
  • Focus in class.  Your parents cannot know what went on in class to answer all your questions when you get home! You are responsible for your own work.
  • Make up work when/if you are absent.  Ask your teachers for help at recess or after school or during study.  Work must be made up if you are at band, speech, reading help, etc.
  • Be neat and organized.  Lockers should be able to close, backpacks should zip, stacks of books should be able to be carried through the halls. Do not throw away returned papers before you determine if you need them.  Take them home and show your family. Fun pens, stickers, paints, etc. are a distraction and end up all over the floor.  Determine what you really need for class.  The rest is a distraction. Clean out folders as needed.  Take home your mail.
  • If a test is inevitable, study nightly.  Do not wait to study the night before if you have been working on a section for three weeks!  Practice makes perfect!
  • Be a positive participant in your class.  Contribute to class discussions.  Encourage your classmates.  The class should be better because you are part of it.  Be a positive leader.
  • Don’t do your work just to get it done, but do the best work you can do.  Don’t think, “Oh, that’s good enough.”  Do it well, and then some!!

Grade 6 News –  We are now in trimester 2

 Be sure to have a silent reading book every day!

Homework updates below

Please check Power School to be aware of your child’s progress!


Math 6 – 12/20 Complete pages 153-154

12/19 Complete pages 152-153, # 1 – 14 for tomorrow.

Vocabulary 6 – Finish Unit 4 by Wednesday.

Science 6 – Please have pages 58-59 and pages 69, 74 done by break. The fold outs for the asteroids, meteors, and planets must be checked by then, too.



Hit the arrows at the bottom to advance the pages.


Try this activity to see what a pixel is!  http://spaceplace.nasa.gov/pixel-this/


Math 7 – 12/20 Complete page 144, # 1 – 20 for tomorrow

 12/19 Complete page 141-143, # 1 – 9 for tomorrow.


Science 7 – 12/20 Data tables were returned. Please review and make adjustments

12/19 Scope 2 was due today. Printing is your responsibility.




Science 8 – 12/20 CT 1 and 2 for the cell unit is due by the end of class on Wednesday.

Math 8 – 12/20 Look over the skills test and come with questions!

12/19 Complete the last HSPT exercise, # 1 – 15 for tomorrow!!




Fetal Pig Dissection

Here are some websites to help you:







Try the following activities about karyotyping!









Use section 2 to answer!

Use section 2 to answer!

3/20  Complete outline using the notes supplied in class as your resource.  Answer questions 1 – 3 all for Tuesday.






Future links:

Copy and paste this in your browser for cell movements lab:







Try this website for sf calculations!