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1st Grade

                         Welcome to Mrs. Manika’s First Grade Class!

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                                                  It is fabulous to be in first grade!

                      Week Of June 5th, 2017

Religion: Chapter 10: We Celebrate the Gift of Eucharist: Jesus is present throughout the Eucharistic liturgy, especially in the consecrated bread and wine.          

Pentecost Sunday:  God the Father sends Jesus to his apostles so that they may receive the Holy Spirit!

In an effort to serve others during Lent, the first grade children contributed to our classroom CRS Rice Bowl.  Thank you for your amazing generosity!

As members of the St. Leonard Community of Catholics, we pray together, serve one another and have fun!

English/Language Arts (ELA):  Basal Reader:  Take Me There  

Unit 5 Week 6: The True Story of Abbie Burgess / The Bravest Cat!

Please make sure your child can fluently read the stories in this reader!!! Weekly stories should be read every night!!!  Also, please make sure your child is completing his/her weekly Reading Padlet assignment.         

Comprehension:  Fiction vs. Non-Fiction / Main Idea / Plot / Setting / Sequencing /                             Cause and Effect

Language:  ABC Order / Present (-ing) and Past Tenses (-ed) / Contractions /                             Comparatives -er and -est / Adjectives / Possessives

Sentence Building: 1. Every sentence must explain a person or thing doing something. 2.Every sentence begins with a capital letter.  3. Every sentence ends with an ending mark ( a period, a question mark, or an exclamation point).

Spelling:  all short and long vowel sounds; vowel patterns ew and ue / blends and digraphs / -s, -ed,and -ing suffixes (endings) /inflected ending -es and plural -es

Math:  Time to the Hour; Counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s to 120; Ordinal Numbers

        Addition Concepts: Counting on to add; Using “doubles” to add;

                             Adding three addends; Interpreting story problems to                                          add three addends

        Subtraction Concepts: Counting back to subtract; Think addition to                                                      subtract; Subtract by breaking apart to make a ten

        Addition and Subtraction Concepts:  Fact Families; Using subtraction to                                                                               check addition 

        Count and Model Numbers: Counting to 120; Understanding Place Value to 100                 

        *Please make sure your child is completing his/her IXL assignments.*  IXL                     tasks will improve your child’s ability to recall his/her basic addition and                       subtraction facts.                                      


Science and Social Studies:  Weather: “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb!” The results are in!  There were seventeen (17) “Lamb School Days” in March and six (6) “Lion School Days”!  Boy did we have fun every day using our comparison subtraction skills to determine “How many more “Lamb Days” than “Lion Days” there were!”  There were 11 more “Lamb Days” than “Lion Days”  because 17- 6 =11.

Earth Week: The first grade students learned that it is very important to take care of the Earth for future generations.  They pledged to take care of the Earth in a variety of ways including to remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle as often as possible!                 

“Life Cycle of A Butterfly!”:  We observed our caterpillars change to chrysalis’ and then to  butterflies.  The butterflies were released into their proper environment on Friday, April 28th.  It sure was fun to watch them fly away! 


Butterfly Picture 2              

    Butterfly Picture 3         


                         Butterfly Picture 1




Memorial Day:  We will never forget those who served our country!   




Contact Information: 

School Office: (708) 749-3666
Email Address: cmanika@stleonardschool.org


Weekly Homework Sheet June 5th, 2017

Reading Padlet Information


Created with Padlet

Weekly Spelling List/Spelling City:

May 22nd, 2017: Orange List

May 22nd, 2017: Yellow List


*Please note that there will be no more spelling tests this year. Please visit Spelling City throughout the summer so you can practice your first grade spelling words!!!  The words will remain on Spelling City for the entire summer!!!*


Important Dates To Remember:

Week of June 5th:  Spirit Week!  No hot lunch service.  Cold lunches                          must be brought from home.


Monday, June 5th:  Crazy Hair Day!                         


Tuesday, June 6th: Twin Day!  Dress like your teacher!


Wednesday, June 7th:  Fun Day!  The first grade color is yellow! Please                           have your child wear yellow to school that day!


Thursday, June 8th:  Last Day of School!  No extended day program!


          Happy Summer to all of the Fabulous First Graders!!!


















Our First Grade Thanksgiving Feast!  

    We made our own butter!










 We thanked God for “All Our Good Gifts” and shared a wonderful feast!  A very special thank you to all the first grade parents who contributed menu items to our feast as well as to Mrs. Fagan and Mrs. Cisneros for volunteering to help serve our meal!  Thank you from the bottom of our tummies!


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