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Extended Care

Welcome to Extended Care!

Extended care is available on regular school days for children in grades Preschool – 8.  The program will provide a time period each day for snack, active play, homework, and quiet play, according to the following schedule:

7:00am – 7:40am

3:00pm – 6:00pm

A registration fee of $50.00 per family is required.  Further information can be obtained in the school office.

Rates are paid according to the number of children per family:

(2:45-3:45) $5.00 for one child (per day)

(3:45-6:00) $10.00 for one child (per day)

(3:45-6:00) $20.00 for two or more children (per day)

Morning extended if you DO NOT use after school extended care — $5.00 per morning

A late fee of $5.00 every 15 minutes after 6:00pm will be charged.

Families will be billed every three weeks for payment.


Mrs. Martin – mmartin@stleonardschool.org

Ms. Williams – kwilliams@stleonardschool.org

Ms. Wirtz – cwirtz@stleonardschool.org