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Visual Arts Pre-K – 8th

Welcome to the visual arts page for St. Leonard Catholic School. Visual art classes are held weekly for 45 minutes allowing each grade to work with various media to create projects.  The focus of the class is to teach children the basic elements of art and some basic art history while having fun creating their own works of art in various media.

Preschool Art:  We have been very busy in preschool learning about  the primary and secondary colors.  We have been mixing our primary colors to make secondary colors. We have been practicing our coloring and cutting skills with every project. We learn to follow the rules and remain safe while using various art supplies. We just finished mixing blue and yellow tempera paint to make green.   We painted small plates and will be making turtles.  We will add small squares of construction paper on top to show the turtles shell, then  color and cut 4 feet, a tail and a head.  All these activities help to enhance fine motor muscle development in their hands. Spend time at home using scissors. Your child can clip coupons, or cut pictures out of magazine pages. Experiment with water colors at home.  Children can use their imagination and mix colors and have loads of fun.

Kindergarten Art:  We started the year reviewing colors, shapes and mixing primary and secondary colors. We also worked on cutting skills and safety rules with scissors.  We have cut out fall leaves that we colored using warm colors, We also made a paper bag triceratop puppet, the children had to follow specific directions, color cut and assemble the puppet.We are moving on to and under the sea picture where we create a background with green seaweed we create by mixing some blue and yellow tempera paint.  We are water coloring our fish and other sea creatures which will later be cut and pasted onto our background.  All are projects help develop fine motor skills in their hands. Please work at home with cutting and coloring skills.

1st Grade Art:  We have been having great fun in art. We started with fall leaves that we created from rubbing plates and then we cut them out for our fall tree display. We also colored and cut our favorite ice cream flavor.  We have used our water colors to paint a bus which we cut and assemble.  Each project allows the children to comprehend a sequence of instructions and test their mastery of fine motor skills. Next we are going to create our favorite animal living in his habitat.  This will be a crayon resist project using oil pastels and water colors. We have to listen carefully to step by step directions when using paints and other supplies and always be safe.

2nd Grade Art:  Well, second grade loves art, they can’t wait to get started every week and they are pretty good listeners. We made some fall leaves with rubbing plates demonstrating texture.  We have discussed the elements of art, line, shape, color, form, texture and space.  We understand that in most art we will use at least 2 elements of art.  We also review mixing colors. We created a scoop of our favorite ice cream and now we are working on an abstract line and shape design.  We have learned that an abstract art piece can have colors, shapes and lines but not have a specific realistic picture like a house, tree, or barn. We are creating our own unique abstract design and using oil pastels and water colors.

3rd Grade Art: Third grade started the year reviewing elements of art and the color wheel concepts.  We discussed our most excellent adventure over the summer and illustrated this in a drawing which we used water colors and oil pastels. After completing their project the must write 3 sentences describing their illustration.  Next we will study Georgia O’Keeffee and big bold botany!

4th Grade Art: Fourth grade started the year by making an interesting line and shape design that was colorful and interesting.  We are now assembling  our design to created a windsock. Next we are learning about the artist Vincent Van Gogh and creating our own landscape with a starry night.  We are using watercolors, oil pastels and tempera paint with sand to create texture. Each project uses various media and reviews basic elements of art. We have also learned pen and ink techniques of hatching, cross hatching, random lines and stippling.

5th Grade Art:  Fifth grade are lucky later this year they will be going to the art museum to see famous works of art.  We have started this year learning about optical illusions and created an optical illusion where there is a facial profile or a vase depending on how your eye sees the design.  We are moving on to understanding mosaics.  We see them in church and in other area of our lives.  We are creating a two sided art piece with and abstract mosaic and a simple design mosaic. Lots of cutting and gluing and assembling requires patience. We have also learned pen and ink techniques of hatching, cross hatching, random lines and stippling.

6th, 7th, 8th Grade Art:  We have various art projects planned for the middle school classes. We decided to begin with the Catholic Charities Hunger poster contest. Each child creates a poster expressing their thoughts on, “speaking out against hunger.”  St. Leonard winners will receive a prize.  Winners will be submitted to Catholic Charities for judging. Keep your fingers crossed that our many talented artists will win.  For more information go to www.catholiccharities.net/hunger.

If you have any questions or comments you may contact Mrs. Hannah Ficner, art teacher, at this e-mail address.



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