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Mission & Vision


Mission Statement

As Catholic educators, we have a special responsibility to encourage all students to achieve their maximum potential and develop their faith. We will work with the student at their ability level and with each other to fully develop the academic and spiritual potential they possess.

As Catholic school educators, we believe that children are influenced by their environment. Parents, the source from whom children derive their values, entrust their children to us. We will assist parents in fulfilling their obligation for the Christian formation and education of their child.

As Catholic school educators, we believe that professional excellence in our school directly influences our Church, community, country, and world. We will strive to create a Christian environment that promotes sound moral and professional judgment. Through our spirit of joy and enthusiasm, we will encourage others to join us in this ministry of teaching at St. Leonard Parish School.

Vision Statement

We believe that all Catholic children are called to live a life grounded in the values, behaviors, and concepts that demonstrate the Christian message of faith, love, truth, peace, and justice.

By the end of eighth grade, we envision our elementary graduates to be fully prepared for serious and challenging study in high school and to become Christian adults who will be of service to God, the Church, the community, and each other.