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4th Grade

Mrs. Lambke’s 4th grade Wizards – where excellence shines. 

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There are a lot of exciting things taking place in 4nd grade.  In Social Studies the students we will be learning about the United States.  In particular, the students will explore the states, their capitals and geography related to the states. In Science, we will be starting with plant life.  4th grade math focuses mainly on advanced addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (with remainders).  While we will cover the other math topics like geometry, time, and money; the main focus will be to master number sense.  Please have your child practice their math facts every night.

Miss Wirtz will be teaching Language Arts to the 4th grade students which includes reading and grammar.  Please check Miss Wirtz’s page for nightly homework.

 If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email me.

4th Grade Homework

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